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produces a series of speeches and discussions which provide an alternative perspective relating to issues of a cultural and religious nature. &home_txt3=more &home_txt4=MISSION STATEMENT &home_txt5=Partove Noor

is an educational institution dedicated to producing audio/video programs on cultural, religious, and spiritual themes. &home_txt6=Recognizing humanity's diverse and rich intellectual heritage, we intend to contribute to public awareness by offering a progressive perspective on cultural issues. &home_txt7=WEEKLY SCHEDULES &home_txt8=06.18.2018 | TIN TV for USA Monday at 9:30 PM Mr. Entezam: Deen va Shebhe Deen 1 Tin TV for Iran Monday at 9:30 PM Mr. Entezam: Deen va Shebhe Deen 1 06.19.2018 | TIN TV for USA Tuesday at 5:00 PM Mr. Entezam: Deen va Shebhe Deen 1 (Re-Run) Tin TV for Iran Tuesday at 9:30 AM Mr. Entezam: Deen va Shebhe Deen 1 (Re-Run) 06.20.2018 | TIN TV for USA Wednesday at 8:30 PM Mr. Bazargan: Quran, Kalame Payambar ya Kalame Khoda!? Tin TV for Iran Wednesday at 8:30 PM Mr. Bazargan: Quran, Kalame Payambar ya Kalame Khoda!? 06.21.2018 | TIN TV for USA Thursday at 5:00 PM Mr. Bazargan: Quran, Kalame Payambar ya Kalame Khoda!? (Re-Run) Tin TV for Iran Thursday at 8:30 AM Mr. Bazargan: Quran, Kalame Payambar ya Kalame Khoda!? (Re-Run) 06.24.2018 | TIN TV for USA Sunday at 7:00 PM Mr. Eshkevari: Feqh va Qanoon Tin TV for Iran Sunday at 9:30 PM Mr. Eshkevari: Feqh va Qanoon 06.25.2018 | Tin TV for Iran Monday at 9:30 AM Mr. Eshkevari: Feqh va Qanoon (Re-Run) & &home_img1=home01.jpg& &home_img2=home02.jpg& &home_img3=home03.jpg& &home_readmore_title1=Home #1 &home_readmore_txt1=Partove Noor started its educational programming in 2006. Our broadcasts can be viewed on satellite TV around the world. We are an independent group unaffiliated with any organization, political party or government.

Partove Noor is committed to a high standard of scholarship, tolerance and civility in its program development.& ///////////// Contributors //////////// &about_txt1=Content Contributor &about_txt2=Abdolali Bazargan

Born in 1943 in Tehran, Iran
Second child of Late Mehdi Bazargan
Hold Masters in Architecture Design from Melli University (Beheshti)
45 years of experience in designing buildings in both governmental and private sectors
Member of Freedom Movement of Iran, Islamic Engineers Association, Society of Defending Freedom and Democracy, Muslim Students Association, etc.
Chief Editor of "Mizan" Newspaper, and head of "Fara-Rah" and "Modara" Magazines
Over 20 publications in Socio-Religious subjects, including Quranic research and Islamic teachings
Currently living in Southern California and cooperating with several cultural and educational organizations

Hamid Entezam

Born in 1959 in Shiraz, Iran.
Completed high school education in Iran before moving to the US in 1977.
Hold a B.A in Sociology and Philosophy, and an M.A in Economics.
Professional field is Systems Engineering.
Since teenage years, has been fascinated with, and conducted research in comparative theology, mysticism and political philosophy.
Since the early 1990s, has been sharing thoughts and research with a good number of folks at various cultural centers around the U.S and Canada.
Among them are Ebne Sina Educational and Cultural Center in Irvine, IMAN in Los Angeles, the Islamic Cultural Center in Fresno, Bonyad Towhid in San Jose, and the Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California in Oakland.
Currently living and working in San Diego, California.

Arash Naraghi

Hold a PhD in philosophy from University of California, Santa Barbara.
Also hold a Doctorate degree in Pharmacology from Tehran University of Medical Science.
Research in the field of Philosophy (focused on Philosophy of religion, Ethics ,and Epistemology), Theology and Mysticism.
Currently a faculty member of California State University.

Bahar Bastani

Professor of Medicine and Nephrology, Saint Louis University School of Medicine
Born in Abadan, Iran, 1951
MD degree from Pahlavi University Shiraz, Iran, 1977
Specialty in Internal Medicine, Shiraz University, Iran 1977-1980
Specialty and subspecialty training in Internal Medicine and Nephrology at: University of Virginia, Charlottesville (1984-1986), University of Wisconsin (1986-1988), and Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri (1988-1991)
Faculty of Medicine and Nephrology (Clinician Scientist) at Saint Louis University School of Medicine, Saint Louis, Missouri since 1991.
Board of Directors of the Shiia Islamic Educational Center, Saint Louis, MO
Board of Directors of Iranian Cultural Society of Mid West
Vice President of Islamic Medical Association of North America Saint Louis Chapter
President of Faculty Assembly at Saint Louis University School of Medicine
Director of Muslims for Progress Monthly Conferences at Washington University, Saint Louis, MO since 2003
President of AAUP (Association of American University Professors) - Saint Louis University Chapter
Board of Directors of Iranian American Cultural Society of Midwest.
&about_txt3=Programs Topics &about_txt4=Who come up with the Program Topics?

Simply, Viewers like you! We receive tens of questions, comments, inquires via phone, fax, and emails on a daily basis. We select a ... &about_txt5=read more &about_txt6=Our Hosts &about_txt7=Mostafa Khadem

Born in 1951 in Tehran, Iran.
BS Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Sharif University of Technology in 1973.
Moved to US to continue education in 1977.
MS and PhD in Nuclear Engineering from UC Berkeley in 1978 and 1984 respectively.
Has over 28 years of experience in Power Industry.
Has been interested in understanding and discussing issues in Quran for the last 25 years.

Iman Milaninia
&about_readmore_title1=Continue on Program Topics &about_readmore_txt1=hand full of these comments and run it by our scholars ... This section needs to be edited and expanded.& ///////////// TV Stations //////////// &services_txt1=TV Stations &services_txt2=Partove Noor

programs currently broadcast on TIN TV stations
TinTV on Galaxy, Hotbird and Euteldat is available to viewers in the US and Canada.TinTV on Hotbird and Euteldatcan be seen in Iran, Europe, Middle East, ...etc.& &services_txt3=Satellite Stations Frequency &services_txt4=Tin TV for US Frequency

%bb Galaxy19 - 12084MHz, 22.000 MS/s, FEC 3/4, Horizontal


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%bb Eutelsat Satellite: 11387 MHz, Symbol Rate: 27500, FEC 3/4, Horizontal

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These are a few sites which provide Satellite Services. Partove Noor does not promote or endorse any of these entities and this is merely to assist viewers who do not have information on how to purchase or obtain Persian Satellite Services. &services_txt7=read more &services_img1=services01.jpg& &services_img2=services02.jpg& &services_readmore_title1=Services #1 &services_readmore_txt1= You may click on any of the providers from the list below to obtain information or purchase services:

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The DVDs are $5.00 +Tax and shipping. For faster delivery, please visit ePayam website and order your programs online. &contacts_txt3=Other Links &contacts_txt4=These are a few websites you may like to visit.

Ali Shariati www.Shariati.com

Abdolali Bazargan www.Bazargan.com/abdolali

Hamid Entezam www.HamidEntezam.com

Arash Naraghi www.ArashNaraghi.org

Hasan Yousefi Eshkevari www.YousefiEshkevari.com &contacts_txt5=Postal Address &contacts_txt6=Partove Noor Program
P.O.Box 4112 Los Altos, CA 94024 USA
Telephone in the US: 877 664 7776
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